The 8th episode of Música por la Ciencia featuring special guest Juan Carlos Baglietto that treats us by paying homage with his voice to two leading researchers: Ana Franchi, president of CONICET and Carolina Vera, chair of Science Ministry. Thank you for looking after us! We hope you enjoy this new episode!

Special episode for Children's Day that we dedicate to two pediatrician researchers. Alicia Mistchenko and Andrea Mangano who work along their teams in the Gutierrez and Garrahan hospitals conducting anti-bodies COVID-19 tests. They work intensely to hand out result on the same day. See more info here.

This episode goes out to Laura Bover and her team who work to identify convalescent plasma patients. The utilisation of plasma from patients that have recovered happens when patients don't respond to approved emergency therapies by the Health Ministry of the Republic of Argentina. This therapy consists in the immediate potential use or compassive use of plasma from recovered patients that had COVID-19. Más informacion:

In this 5th episode we invited Manuel García. Andrea Gamarnik dedicated this episode to Irene PAgano, Andrea Silva and the team from the National Institute of Epidemiology "Dr. Juan H. Jara" in Mar del Plata. They have been studying seroprevalence in healthcare workers at RS VIII. For more info, see:

In this episode we've invited Daniel "Pipi" Piazzola where Andrea Gamarnik dedicated this song to Federico Remes, Horacio Salomón, Jorge Geffner of INBIRS (UBA), who are part of the team that process and perform diagnosis on thousands of people who go for COVID-19 swabs daily. Know more about their work here:

Our guest this episode is Nahuel Pennisi where Andrea Gamarnik dedicates this song to Mariana Viegas, the virologist who leads the team that identified the genetic sequence of 26 strains of coronavirus that are found in our country. Know more about their work here: