The goal of this first stage of the project Música por la Ciencia is to build connections and collaborative work between society and its scientists. So we ask ourselves how did different people from different areas managed to get together and collaborate in the midst of this pandemic.


COVIDAR started with the objective of creating a serologic tool that would act as a supplement in the COVID-19 diagnostic.


The objectives of the Institute of Biomedical Research in Retrovirus and SIDA is to optimize the HIV diagnostic in Argentina and confirm the diagnosis in the case of doubtful serology.

Hospital Gutierrez / Hospital Garrahan

The researchers Alicia Mistchenko and Andrea Mangano alongside their teams work to conducts COVID-19 tests.


This project's main objective is to analyze the evolution of SARS-CoV-2 strains that are found in Argentina.

CPC - 19

Scientists and doctors who voluntarily develop emergency protocols for the use of convalescent plasma patients of COVID-19.

Instituto Nacional de Epidemiología “Juan H.Jara”.